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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The United States is an incredible country with diverse food, culture, and landscape. Infinite itineraries that often go underrated, from east to west there is no shortage of fun and exciting adventures to have. Just… don’t catch yourself slippin’.[/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”5″][thb_gap height=”20″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_basic_grid post_type=”post” max_items=”9″ style=”load-more” gap=”3″ item=”1186″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1536676427535-76e4aeca-5fec-1″ taxonomies=”141″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Waxing Quick

Should Have Switched to Cyclocross Years Ago

This will be a quick one. I went years using a Mountain Bike navigating anything from treacherous terrain to smooth paved roads. While a mountain bike does mountain biking very well, it lacks efficiency in the road going department. With bouncy suspension and thick tires, it drags. I’m just sorry it took me so long…

Waxing Quick

iOS Can’t Avoid Complication

iOS is becoming more complicated. This is not a criticism of the platform, instead a thought exercise on how iOS is becoming a capable platform which affects less savvy users. iOS’s introduction to the world gained notoriety for its simplicity. Any old gran could pick up an iPad; babies had primal instincts to use the…

Curated Opinions

How to Score with Online Dating

Dating is dirty business; online it’s social warfare. Whether looking for casual sex or a long-term relationship, we’re in an age where technology has granted us unfocused access to a huge database of potential partners. To find someone is as simple as swiping left or right with your index finger. If you want success, there…

Curated Opinions | Gear

The Best Electric Toothbrush 2018

Which toothbrush do I want? The Quip, Goby, Sonicare, or Oral-B? The answer is quick and easy, Oral-B. Why? Here’s a simplified review. It starts in finding the perfect toothbrush. Tired of the expensive Sonicare heads and with rising popularity of services like Quip and Goby – I thought it a perfect time to hunt…


Asheville, NC – A Beautiful Itinerary

Our Asheville Itinerary Hiking Pisgah A hike strenuous to the knees with a steady but steep incline – though Old Rag in Charlottesville is harder. The view along the way was standard, though a pleasant environment. When you exit the woods and onto the giant landing rock you’re instantly taken aback by the outstanding vista…

Curated Opinions | Gear

Surface Book 2 vs MacBook Pro

Surface Book 2 MacBook Pro Innovative Elegant Powerful Build Quality Bad-ass Graphics Card Weaker Graphics Card Windows 10 macOS Flexible Productivity Gaming Greater App Store Selection Je ne sais Quois Better Preloaded Apps Snappy Operation Elegant Operation So many bugs you’ll need an exterminator Less buggy Fluid Animation   Surface Book 2 It’s hard not…


AirChina Review – Skip this Budget Airline

  TL; DWTR (Too Long; Don’t want to Read) Don’t fly Air China. I should end the article there. I realize not everyone can afford expensive plane tickets, and a couple hundred dollars may make or break the difference for some budget travelers. We lived – if you CAN’T afford anything else, AirChina will be…


Suntory Brewery – Tokyo Japan

America’s identity is growing around the craft brewery industry. 4 years ago in the Virginia Peninsula there were less than 10 small breweries. Now, there are over 50! And Virginia is not alone in this monstrous growth. Almost every month a new craft brewery opens, following Starbuck’s lead where there are two on every corner!…